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PtL FIC :: "Elemental Journey" [Alex/Rachel, NC17]

Title: Elemental Journey
Author: A. Magiluna Stormwriter, aka ariestess
Fandom: Poltergeist: the Legacy
Pairings: Alex/Rachel
Characters: Alex, Rachel, Dace, Darya, Michael, and a whole slew of tertiary characters
Rating: NC17
Warnings: language, explicit sexual situations [aka "Smut, baby!"]
Spoilers: (if necessary) Post-series for PtL. The other series' canon is completely AU'd in this piece.
Betas: ctorres & shatterpath
Summary: ver the course of a year, Rachel Corrigan embarks on a journey to reconcile her magical heritage with her present-day life. In the process, she deepens her relationship with her wife and family.
Artwork: Elemental Journey by shatterpath [also in the info/disclaimer page listed below]
Author's Notes: Wow! This story has been quite a journey, both of my characters and for myself. There were several pieces that I'd written for licenseartistic that were re-imagined in this piece. See, this story was started back in January of 2007, and was being done relatively piecemeal because I didn't really have a cohesive plot to bring it all together. And then I wrote "Fairy Tale" back in October of 2008, and the pieces just started falling into place. So when havocthecat and thenewhope announced thelittlebang, I wanted to play, but had no idea what to write. And then havocthecat cajoled and talked me into writing PtL and I was pretty much done for.

It's been a long and interesting 5 months of writing, rewriting, and refining this beast. And it's still not 100% to my personal liking, but that is very typical for me with these characters. I feel very protective of them, like they're my own children. And to be completely honest, I could work on this nonstop for a year and still probably not have it as perfect as I'd like it to be. But I'm quite satisfied with what I have here. The niggling issue of Rachel's magical heritage has finally been dealt with in a way that makes sense to me, particularly compared to the show's treatment of it.