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Art: Buffy the Jedi Knight

Title: Buffy the Jedi Knight
Artist: Sophie alias sqbr
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire slayer crossover with Star Wars (EU maybe? It's set around the same time as Episode 1, I think)
Pairings: Buffy/Faith
Characters: Buffy, Faith, original characters
Rating: PG for very hard to see gore
Warnings: None?
Spoilers: None, or maybe very mild depending on how picky you are
Summary: A poster for the fic in the style of the original Star Wars poster, with Faith and Buffy as Luke and Leia (which, yes, kind of creepy when you think about, that only occurred to me later)
Story Buffy the Jedi Knight: The Sith Seduction by seriousfic. It's totally kick ass, go read it!
Artist Notes:
The moment I saw the fandom for my assignment I grinned with anticipation, and it was indeed a lot of fun to draw (and read :)) My notes got absurdly long-winded so I posted them to my lj but I want to point out here that I flat out copied or photoshopped the layout and a lot of the background from other people's pictures (I feel a bit bad for any praise I got based on people thinking I painted all of it!).
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