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The Hand, the Head, and the Heart

Title: The Hand, the Head, and the Heart
Author: lazy_daze
Fandom: CW RPF
Pairings: Danneel Harris/Genevieve Cortese
Characters: Danneel Harris, Genevieve Cortese
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Vaginal fisting

Betas: missyjack, balefully
Danneel Harris lives a normal, dull life - with a normal, dull job and a normal, dull boyfriend. Until she sees classical pianist Genevieve Cortese at a recital - the beautiful performance unlocks the artistic inspiration Danneel thought she'd lost upon leaving art school three years ago. Danneel paints again, her trademark rich abstract pieces bursting forth, and her life turns around and upside down in more ways than one.

A chance meeting leads Genevieve and Danneel to form a friendship and connection which comes to a head when Genevieve asks Danneel to paint her. Their connection and chemistry is something unexpected and terrifying to Danneel - but if she lets it, it could be something beautiful. A story about music, art, passion and love.

Artist: culper355
Artwork: LJ Gallery
Author's Notes: Huge thank yous to go out to balefully and missyjack for amazing beta jobs, to my awesome and kind cheerleader fadeoutin, and my enthusiastic lovely artist culper355 and the seriously beautiful work she's produced for this.

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