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ART! "The Hand, the Head, and the Heart"

Title: The Hand, the Head, and the Heart
Artist: culper355
Fandom: CWRPS
Pairings: Daneel Harris/Genevieve Cortes, (brief) Daneel/OMC
Characters: Daneel Harris, Genevieve Cortes
Rating: NC-17 (story), R (art)
Warnings: Last image contains partial nudity and highly suggestive sexual acts
Spoilers: (if necessary) Surprise! The girls get together and get naughty on top of a piano
Summary: Danneel Harris lives a normal, dull life - with a normal, dull job and a normal, dull boyfriend. Until she sees classical pianist Genevieve Cortese at a recital - the beautiful performance unlocks the artistic inspiration Danneel thought she'd lost upon leaving art school three years ago. Danneel paints again, her trademark rich abstract pieces bursting forth, and her life turns around and upside down in more ways than one.

A chance meeting leads Genevieve and Danneel to form a friendship and connection which comes to a head when Genevieve asks Danneel to paint her. Their connection and chemistry is something unexpected and terrifying to Danneel - but if she lets it, it could be something beautiful. A story about music, art, passion and love.
Author: lazy_daze
Story The Hand, the Head, and the Heart

Artist/Vid Notes: It has been truly an honor to work with the fabulous lazy_daze, who forever astounds me at her literary brilliance and ability to reduce her readers to quivering puddles of mush. She has been most patient with me and encouraging, for which I thank her deeply. There will probably be more images added as the week goes on, so please if you like what you see here be sure to check out the gallery for this story at my lj for updates!

"She rolled her shoulder slightly, then settled her fingers lightly against the piano keys, and started to play.

It wasn't anything Danneel was familiar with, from the music itself nor the information on the piece on the program, but she found herself unexpectedly enthralled. They were close enough to see Genevieve's fingers dance across the keys, the melody a complex and unpredictable thing that darted up and down. Danneel couldn't grasp onto a hook, any sort of clear repeated progression of chords, and she found she liked it, more than the fairly small sample of piano music she'd made an effort to listen to in the past. The notes piled up over each other and toppled down, and the pitch and volume clashed and contrasted, Genevieve's hands an almost violent chaos, juddering up and down and crossing over each other."

"All she managed to unearth was a pack of brightly coloured markers and a pad of lined notepaper - not ideal, but her fingers itched with the need to create, with whatever she had.

She put in her earbuds and pressed play, closed her eyes for a moment, then uncapped the pens. She worked with the lines on the paper, letting it shape her piece, and decided she liked the effect it had. A driven kind of ordered chaos, like Genevieve's hands on the keys.

Colours marched and tangled across the page, unfolding like the ideas and excitement inside Danneel, and although hearing the recorded piano music from her iPod wasn't exactly the same as sitting in the room with Genevieve playing just there, it still brought back the memories vividly, the swirl of notes sending colors and emotions through her, down her pen, spilling into paper."

First Page "'This is incredible. God." Her arm came out from over Danneel's shoulder, and Danneel was abruptly aware of the heat and presence of Genevieve behind her. "That's - I can see the music, it's right there, it's all along here - and down here--" She traced the fluttering notes of yellow and white Danneel had painted down into the low darker blue beat. "And that's - this is me, here, isn't it." Genevieve was pointing to the richer swirl on the left and side, the one that was themed similarly to the painting Danneel had done before of Genevieve. Thick sheen of black, rich sensuous curves of red, bright sparks of white and gold. It made Danneel feel incredibly self conscious seeing it there, so sensual and intimate, when she barely knew Genevieve, really, but she couldn't help how she painted her. How she--

"So beautiful. That's what you see? When you look at me?"

Genevieve had leaned in and down, and Danneel could hear her whisper from just behind Danneel's head, her breath a light touch on Danneel's neck. Danneel closed her eyed, her heart pounding, her little fingers tingling, a giddy unbelievable inevitability building in her.

"Yes," she whispered."</s>

Page Two
'She opened her eyes and turned her head. Genevieve's face was right there, and her skin was clear and bright, her mouth was full and red and soft, her eyes were dark and fixed on Danneel's with a intensity that made Danneel's face go hot.

She opened her mouth, meaning to say something, she was sure, or maybe she just opened it for the kiss which came; Genevieve's lips pressed against hers, warm and real and so, soft, softer than she could have imagined. When Danneel moved her mouth into the kiss, her lips slid against Genevieve's like silk, making her body flush and goosebumps rise in a nearly painful rush down her spine and along her arms.'"

"It was intensely intimate like this, Genevieve's bare thighs pressed against Danneel's hips, dress bunched up around her waist. Danneel ran her hands up and down Genevieve's legs, fingers playing over the strip of elastic of Genevieve's panties, her ass and god, her pussy just there, so close...She felt powerful and sexy, making Genevieve shake with the swipe of her tongue and seal of her lips, the outward swell of Genevieve's breast giving as she pressed her face into it; she cupped the other one with her hand, the soft natural weight of it feeling unbelievably good in her palm."

Genevieve moaned and shifted, and Danneel startled at the clash of discordant notes; Genevieve had leaned backwards and supported herself on the open piano, her tiptoes on the floor, body arched gorgeously backwards, pressing her tits up into Danneel's mouth."

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