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Art: Under Peaceful Conditions, the Warlike Attack Themselves (Glee, Rachel/Quinn)

Title: Under Peaceful Conditions, the Warlike Attack Themselves
Artist: peskywhistpaw
Fandom: Glee
Pairings: (in the fic) Rachel/Quinn, Brittany/Santana
Characters: (in the fic) Rachel, Quinn, Brittany, Santana, Finn, Sam; (in the art) Quinn, Rachel, Santana
Rating: (fic) PG-13; (art) G
Warnings: (art) none
Summary: from seriousfic: "Quinn Fabray has it all--a cute boyfriend, a great career, and a fun hobby... fighting crime as the Cheerio, New York's peppiest superhero. But when the evil Prom Queen takes everything from her, can Rachel Berry, a mere Broadway understudy, help her pick up the pieces? Or will they, and the rest of New York, fall prey to the city's newest and most deadly supervillain: The Reptile. Aka, Santana Lopez!"
Author: seriousfic
Story: Under peaceful conditions, the warlike attack themselves
Artist Notes: There's one cover, and four little mini-illustrations. I sort of failed at (making this at least complementary with) the comic book style, but I hope these are still decent! As there are illustrations, there are also (mostly harmless) spoilers from the fic, so just be warned about that before you proceed.

"Rachel looked over her shoulder. Seeing Quinn, her whole body
seemed to cringe away in potent embarrassment, but she stood her ground."

"Santana stopped brushing her teeth. Something about her reflection
was different. Too much make-up, too little… She pressed a finger
against her cheek. Harder. The skin sunk in for a brief moment
before cracking like desert ground."

"Irrationally, he pulled the shower curtain closed. Through it,
he saw the silhouette of Santana as she rose, thinner, crueler,
like a blade. Her movements were too stilted to be human."

"When Quinn came out of the forest, it was into the suburbs. A lot
of houses like the one Santana and Sam had shared. One had a clothesline.
She pulled down a T-shirt that looked like it would fit her and jeans that
looked like they would fit anyone, then ran. It was only when she was back
in the woods that she looked at the shirt. Plain white, with black letters
on the front spelling out 'Likes girls.'"

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