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thelittlebang femslash mini-bang challenge round 2

It's been ages since we've done the first round of TLB. Since 2009, as a matter of fact. In the intervening two years, a whole lot of things have happened, and so we've got some changes.

First of all, thenewhope and quasiradiant have been forced to gafiate out of fandom (at least for a while, though we hope to see them back!), so we'll be running with a different mod team: havocthecat, ariestess, and twtd.

Also, we've gotten the Archive of Our Own, and we'll be doing fic posting in a collection there. If you don't have an account, don't worry! I've sent in a request for invitations for anyone who doesn't already have an account. It's not an exchange, so we're not doing sign-ups at the AO3, but we will do fic posting there. Art posting too, more likely than not.

Third, the format has changed. There will still be an initial phase, an editing phase, and a complement phase. This time,the initial phase of the challenge will be open for both visual and written fanworks. That means that vidders and artists will be welcome to participate and have a complementary written work posted.

Last of all, this community and bangalittle will be mirrored here and at Dreamwidth (links given below).

Eligible Fanworks Guidelines

If you choose to create in the initial phase, you must either:
1. Write one story of 15,000 words or more; or
2. Create two or more large visual fanworks to one theme (in any visual medium).

If you choose to create in the complementary phase, you must either:
1. Create one or more themed visual fanworks (in any visual medium) as a complement to an initial phase story; or
2. Write at least one story of 5,000 words or more as a complement to an initial phase visual fanwork.

I'm sorry, but podfic, meta, picspams, and recs are not eligible. The mods have looked at the possibilities and the difficulties, not to mention our individual stress levels, and have gone with the format we're most comfortable with.


Sign-Ups: May 16 - June 6th
Sign-ups for the first phase, initial fanworks creation. Sign-ups for cheerleaders.

Initial Fanworks Creation : June 6 - September 12
Creation of initial fanworks, whether fanart, vids, or written works.

Editing, Complementary Fanworks Creation: September 13 - October 16
Claiming and creation of complementary fanworks, whether, fanart, vids, or written works.
Editing of initial fanworks.

Posting Begins: October 17
Initial and complementary fanworks to be posted. Please note: Stories will be posted at the AO3. We will create a challenge for TLB. Fanart and vids will be hosted on alternate webspace. (If the AO3 is up and running on hosting fanart, it will be hosted at the AO3 as well, but we can't promise anything, of course.)

The Incredibly Exhaustive and Completist Sign-Up Information & Rules

  • You must choose your fandom (or fandoms, as crossovers are allowed) at sign-up. Pairing, plot (where applicable), etc. are all your own choice, and can be decided when you're comfortable with it.
  • All fandoms are allowed. We encourage western media fandoms, book fandoms, anime, manga (basically, all forms of yuri are made of win and awesome), rpfs, and video game fandoms.
  • Explicit stories are welcomed. Please be sure the characters are over the age of consent for the applicable laws in your place of residence.
  • Incest is allowed. Given that it's a contentious issue, please label your fanwork clearly for those who prefer to avoid it.
  • For that matter, we would like you to either label your warnings clearly or state that you choose not to use warnings.
  • AU and uber stories are allowed, not to mention gladly encouraged.
  • Original fiction isn't eligible for this challenge. It's easier to find complements for established fandoms.
  • The fanworks created for this challenge must be about characters who are canonically women; however stories about the trans experience are welcomed in this challenge. For example, a story about Eliot Spencer of Leverage, whether trans or cis, that focuses on the female experience is not eligible for this challenge. A story about Parker of Leverage, whether trans or cis, that focuses on the female experience is eligible for this challenge.
  • Genderbender/genderfuck/genderswap stories are not eligible. Please see this post from round one regarding the issue.
  • Updates for this challenge will be posted on both LiveJournal (thelittlebang and bangalittle and Dreamwidth (thelittlebang and bangalittle).
  • After sign-ups end, we will be clearing the membership of thelittlebang and then will send invitations out for round two, as membership open only to challenge participants. Anyone is allowed to watch the comm (and should, for when fanworks go live), but posting will be moderated. bangalittle is our comm for all members, with posting for any members. The same goes for the Dreamwidth communities.
  • Our parent collection on the AO3 is The Little Bang. We have separate subcollections for round one, which is open for anyone who wrote for round one, and a challenge for round two, which is not open yet.
  • We don't really need to say that character and pairing bashing is not cool, do we?
  • Same with various expressions of privilege and -isms. Please, let's not go there.
  • With regard to WIPs, if you have begun a story that isn't posted publicly on the internet, you may complete that, so long as you add a minimum of 15,000 additional words.
  • Writers, you must have your story betaread by at least two people before turning in the finished version. Artists, you must have your visual fanwork critiqued by at least two people before turning in the finished version.
  • We will put up a post for betas, critiquers, and creators to find each other; however, we will not be assigning betareaders and critiquers.
  • Fanworks must have a femslash relationship as their primary element. There can be non-romantic elements, but the femslash relationship should be the primary shiop. Het and boyslash (and poly variants of het and boyslash) are welcomed, but as background elements only, due to the nature of this challenge.
  • To clarify from the above, femslash written about asexual characters is also allowed in this challenge. We are aware that romantic relationships aren't always sexual in nature, and welcome stories of that nature as well.
  • The femslash can be a first time story, or an established relationship. Whatever works for you!
  • Your fanwork should not be posted publicly on the internet until it has been live with TLB for at least one month.
  • We will still be doing activities, word counts, and community building fun times.


Creators, please use the following form:
Journal Name: In case you're signing up under a different name than you're posting under.
E-Mail: An alternate way for us to contact you. Something other than @livejournal.com or @dreamwidth.org
Fandom: What fandom/fandoms you want to create in.
Format: Written or Visual Medium
Phase: Initial or Complementary

Cheerleaders, please use the following form:
Journal Name: In case you're signing up under a different name than you're posting under.
E-Mail: An alternate way for us to contact you. Something other than @livejournal.com or @dreamwidth.org
Fandom: What fandom/fandoms you want to cheerlead for.
Specific Creator: If you're signing up to cheerlead someone specifically, please let us know their journal name.

For any questions, please post them as comments to the thread labeled "Questions" in this post. Thank you!
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