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Coming of Age

Title: Coming of Age
Author: Dee
Fandom: WNBA/Final Fantasy XII
Pairings: Diana Taurasi/Sue Bird in uber form
Characters: Diana Taurasi, Sue Bird, Lauren Jackson, Katie Douglas, Candace Parker, Lisa Leslie, Geno Auriemma (for pictures of the characters, click here)
Rating: R
Beta: sexonastick
Summary: WNBA players romping through Final Fantasy XII's fantastic world of Ivalice. Politics, sexual tension, big bad monsters, and hot women wielding swords and firing guns.
Artwork: TBA
Author's Notes: I've had this idea around for approximately a year and a half, but never really got around to writing much of it until I signed up for tlb. During the last six months or so, I reached a final word count of just around 65k. I've never written anything this long, and it never would have happened if not for tlb. So as much as I griped and moaned about it along the way, I really just want to thank the mods who put this challenge together. It's been an experience writing this.

To give credit where credit is due:
1) a few lines in the fic are stolen from the game. I'm sure anybody who has played it will recognize them.
2) the idea of Balthier being a legendary sky pirate comes from wreathsandbells's FFXII fiction

Also, a day late for the deadline. Sincerely sorry to the mods, who're trying to organize this whole event.

Part I-1
Part I-2
Part II-1
Part II-2
Part II-3
Part III-1
Part III-2

(Coming of Age Part I-1)
Tags: fic:wnba rpf

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