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vid: blizzard (skins: naomi/emily)

Title: "Blizzard"
Artist: one6two6
Fandom: Skins
Pairings: Naomi/Emily, a tiny bit of Emily/JJ
Characters: Emily, Naomi, Katie, JJ
Rating: PG13 for some slight sexing; nothing that wasn't in the show though
Warnings: NSFW
Spoilers: If you haven't finished series 3, this isn't for you. If you haven't read the fic, it's strongly suggested you do that first.
Summary: Emily, Katie, and Naomi try and work through their issues.
Story: The Last First Two Steps by jengrrrl
Vid Notes: I didn't choose the song by lyrics, so I can post them if you'd like, but it was mostly by mood instead. i didn't choose the song, the song chose me. Anyway, this vid is meant to stray from canon by using footage from the show, so watch with as clean a slate as possible. Song by Say Hi and is downloadable here.

Four and a half minute vid over at idiotk1d

I hope I did that right.
Tags: vid:skins

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