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welcome to the little bang!

what, you ask, is a "little bang"? well, it's like a big bang (a la sgabigbang or big_bang_hd), only smaller. as in 15,000 words instead of 40,000. also, there are girl parts instead of boy parts.

okay, you say, but what exactly does that mean? that means that this here community is home to the first femslash focused (alliteration!) little bang challenge, where writers will sign up to write a story of no less than 15,000 words over a period of several months and artists/vidders will sign up to create art and/or vids inspired by those stories. the stories will be about women - women being strong and hot and brave; women doing their jobs and learning things and changing the world; women talking to each other, fighting each other, loving each other - and therefor so will the art.

non creative types will be able to sign up to beta those stories, or cheer-lead those writers and artists and vidders.

once all is said and done, all of those stories and vids and pieces of art will be collected together and premiered for the viewing and reading pleasure of anyone who should choose to view or read them, and lo the land will rejoice at the bounty of magnificent femslash granted unto it. for real.

alright, you exclaim, that sounds awesome! and you're right, it will be!

first, though, there's quite a bit of work to be done to get this little bang of ours off and booming. to start with, here's a basic outline of what the challenge would look like:

- sometime in the next few months (a more specific date to be determined through via polls) sign ups will go live for writers interested in challenging themselves to write a femslash story of at least 15k over the course of a couple of months (specific period of time tbd via poll).
- sign ups will also open for artists and vidders who are interested in creating art inspired by participating authors.
- after a week or two, sign ups will close and writers will start on their stories.
- at the same time, sign up posts will then go up for people who are interested in beta reading, as well as for people interested in cheerleading (hand-holding, brain-storming, atta-girl!-ing for writers).
- during the writing period, there will be periodic check-ins and chat posts for writers and other participants.
- once the deadline for writers is up, writers will turn in a rough draft (no more than 1,000 words short of being finished, with all major plot/story details in place, can be un-beta-read).
- artists/vidders will pick/be assigned a story (this process tbd via poll).
- artists and vidders will have a few weeks to put together their contributions
- at the end of this period, artists/vidders will turn in their work and authors will turn in their completed, beta-read stories.
- there will be a week long buffer to make sure all stories are submitted in their final form and are accompanied by at least one piece of art. all stories will go live at this community on the same day.

sound good? now for those polls:
- a poll for potential writers - please fill this out ONLY if you are interested in signing up to write.
- a poll for potential artists - potential writers who also wish to participate as artists are welcome to fill this poll out as well.
- a poll for potential vidders - potential writers who also wish to participate as vidders are welcome to fill this poll out as well.
- a poll for potential beta readers - potential writers who also wish to participate as beta readers are welcome to fill this poll out as well.
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