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multi-fandom femslash little bang
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the big bang, the cosmic explosion that is hypothesized to have marked the origin of the universe

the little bang, like the big bang, only smaller

thelittlebang, a challenge;
for writers, 15,000 words or more of femslash in less than 4 months;
for artists and vidders, fanart and fanvids to complement the stories

for more info

thelittlebang master list - in progress
fandom author story title pairing rating artist art title artist art title
Arthurian Legend havocthecat An Unlike Fashioning Morgan La Fay/Nimue, Elaine of Astolat/Gawaine NC-17 ilthit An Unlike Fashioning quaedam Dream
BtVS/Star Wars serious_fic Buffy the Jedi Knight: The Sith Seduction Buffy/Faith R alias_sqbr Buffy the Jedi Knight -- --
Criminal Minds/The O.C. thrace_ Washington, O.C. Emily/JJ PG-13 bitta2sweet Washington, O.C. -- --
Criminal Minds/The West Wing calleigh_j On Some Idle Tuesday Kate Harper/Emily Prentiss R ed_84 OSIT Book Cover 1 and 2 -- --
DC Universe quasiradiant even a fist was once an open palm and fingers kate spencer (manhunter) / helena bertinelli (huntress) NC-17 -- -- -- --
Fastlane/Fast and the Furious ceares The Lucky and the Strong Billie/Letty, Billie/Sara Van/Deaq, vaguely implied Van/Cassidy FRT bridgetmc Untitled -- --
Firefly bluflamingo Gone Inara/Kaylee NC-17 kiki_miserychic Gone -- --
Gossip Girl fivewhatfive The actress hasn't learned the lines Blair/Serena, Serena/Georgina, Serena/Rachel -- the_girl_20 Don't meddle with her heart mrtoulouse The actress hasn't learned the lines
Gossip Girl RPF pirateygoodness My Heart is Plotting Treason Blake Lively/Leighton Meester NC-17 elwhyenen Espionage Never Tasted So Good softestbullet My Heart is Plotting Treason
Grimm's Fairy Tales the_suit_case Memories of You Being Beautiful Briar Rose/Snow White G prince_ozora Sleeping Snow and Dancing Beauty sailorptah The Princesses, Washing, & Chess Lesson
Los Hombres de Paco/Hospital Central fadeoutin Tumbling Through Freefall Pepa Miranda/Macarena Fernández, Pepa/f, Maca/f PG-13 onlyjustwhisper Tumbling Through Freefall -- --
iCarly x_disturbed_x iWant You Carly/Sam PG-13 -- -- -- --
Keeping Up Appearances curia_regis Hand-Painted Blue Periwinkles Elizabeth/Hyacinth PG-13/R emerald_dragon8 Visitors quaedam Candlelight supper
Merlin netgirl_y2k Pastimes & Lifestyles Gwen/Morgana PG -- -- -- --
Merlin suaine An Exercise in Politics Gwen/Morgana PG-13 reflectedeve An Exercise in Politics -- --
Poltergeist ariestess Elemental Journey Alex/Rachel NC-17 -- -- -- --
SGA bigdamnxenafan Love Abides Teyla Emmagan/Elizabeth Weir R angel_kathryn Untitled -- --
SGA falcon_horus Slaying the Dreamer - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 Kate/Teyla -- ryf Slaying the Dreamer -- --
SG1 ryf Repression Sam/Vala NC-17 vanitashaze Repression Cover -- --
Skins botherd Only Time to Lose Emily/Naomi R quietlyobsessed Only Time to Lose -- --
Skins jengrrrl The Last Two First Steps Emily/Naomi M microwavedshit Tonight one6two6 blizzard
Smallville ladydreamer Forget Me Not Chloe/Kara, hinted Clark/Davis and Dinah Lance/Barbara Gordon PG-13 ed_84 Possession Book Cover and Teaser -- --
WNBA/Final Fantasy XII bamlkr Coming of Age Diana Taurasi/Sue Bird in uber form R -- -- -- --
WNBA (Western AU) sexonastick Coming of Age Diana Taurasi/Sue Bird NC-17 -- -- -- --
The Young & the Restless cms1171 A Chance at Love Amber/Chloe PG-13 ceares A Chance at Love -- --


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